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About Us

Pro suspension: Who we are?


Better Products

In short, we care about you and your truck and our products are a reflection of that thinking. Every Pro Suspension product is carefully manufactured to the highest of standards with you in mind. Whether you are a large distributor, jobber shop or shade tree mechanic, you’ll appreciate not only the quality of our premium suspension products but also the care that goes into the packaging and instructions for each item.

We are an American company and our products are almost exclusively manufactured in the USA.


Better Service

Founded and staffed by industry veterans to fill in holes where other brands fall down. No phone rooms or cranky shop rats here. You get suspensions experts every time you call and can expect our team to be professional, pleasant and helpful at all times. We want your business and will earn it with every transaction.   


Better Warranty

Our products are backed by a lifetime warranty. The other guys advertise a 1 year warranty and good luck getting help over there if you need it. Our warranty is real and we won’t hide in the rare event that there’s a problem.


Better Price

In virtually every instance, our prices are better than the other guys. Combine that with better products, better service and a better warranty and you arrive at a value that can’t be matched.


Here’s what Pro Suspension is NOT.

We are not just another assortment of various Chinese items to be dumped in the mud with other made up brands. Pro Suspension is a rapidly expanding brand with a carefully managed product line and our manufacturing partners are as good as it gets. We put together the best manufacturers who we trust to consistently build parts per our specifications and our products and suspension kits are second to nobody.


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